ICC Toothless Tiger

#ControversyCorner by Donny Bell

Sri Lanka

It’s no wonder Dinesh Chandimal and Chandika Hathurusingha are all smiles after getting off lightly for cheating and bringing the game into disrepute.

The ICC has once again shown that it is powerless to impose reasonable sanctions against those individuals that cheat. Lets not beat around the bush – What the Australian’s did in South Africa was cheating. The penalty handed down by Cricket Australia was reasonable and justifiable, however if it was left in the hands of the international body the punishment would have been 1 test match rather than 1 year.

The fact that they were a laughing stock over their worthless handling of that incident has not led them to review their standards and processes at all. They are once again opening themselves up to ridicule after imposing the maximum penalty on  Sri Lanka following their display of blatant cheating and utter disregard for the reputation of the sport. The captain, coach and manager have each been suspended for 2 test matches and 4 one day internationals. What makes this even more laughable is that this meagre penalty is actually sterner than it would have been due to the fact they refused to take to the pitch in protest during the course of the match in question. For ball tampering alone the maximum penalty is still a solitary match.

The ICC is completely inadequate as an international sporting body and do little to uphold the integrity of the sport. The commentary during the incident in South Africa was that ball tampering is commonplace throughout all levels of cricket and this weak as water approach to the issue by the international watchdog will undoubtedly ensure that the practice remains rampant throughout the sport.

Do you think the Sri Lankan’s got off lightly? Do you think the punishment was fair and that Donny is over reacting?

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