So the boys at In the Sheds have finally grown up and got ourselves a website (albeit a povo free website).

Not sure at this stage exactly what more we can do with a website that we can’t do with Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheSheds885/), Twitter (       @TheSheds885     ), or Instagram (@thesheds885), but hey we’ll play around with it and try and get our content to new audiences.

We look forward to continuing to bring you all the very latest in sports news in Ellenbrook, the Swan Valley and surrounds, while also raising key issues in #ControversyCorner and #Blowtorch while recognising the great things sport and sportspeople do in #GetAroundEm

Check out our website and let us know some content we can add.Logo

Author: in the sheds

We are a weekly sports radio program on 88.5FM based in Ellenbrook. Our main focus is on local teams in our region, but also highlight other aspects of sport around the state, around the country and occasionally around the world

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